The Photo Session

I didn’t start telling my story for the first time on Authenticity & Grace.  It began with close family and friends who I could trust and who would be a safe place for me to open up and reveal a part of me few knew.


My cousin, Deborah, was one of those people. 

We are kindred spirits and coffee lovers!  

Deborah is energetic, fun, creative, and caring! She listened, asked questions, and was my cheerleader as I started Authenticity & Grace.

When it came time to get pictures for the blog, I knew it had to be Deborah to take them.  Pictures have always been difficult for me.  Deborah made what was normally a terrifying experience a joyous, safe, and freeing time.  She helped me to feel confident and beautiful despite the fact people were watching us while we traipsed around downtown Columbus.  

Deborah shares her perspective of my story in her recent BLOG.  Be sure to check it out and her amazing pictures at DG Photography!


Thank you, Deborah, for your love, support, and for believing in me.  I love you!