My Story (The Short Version)


I’m so glad you stopped by.  Pour a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get to know each other!  



My name is Kassandra and I am in recovery from an eating disorder. It started when I was in junior high and got progressively worse through high school and college.

I thought if I could be thin and beautiful then I would be happy and life would be perfect.


I found myself turning to food in order to cope with the difficulties in my life.  Binge eating disorder or BED became my abuser over the years and grew and grew until it took the joy out of life. I am also in recovery from Orthorexia Nervosa.

I couldn't let anyone know because my perfectionism, Ms. P told me I had to have it all together.  I wanted to be free from my eating disorder or Ed as I call him but the harder I tried the worse Ed got.

I experienced deep hatred for myself and my body.  It felt like I was lying on the ground with a 2-ton rock on top of me. My life was an endless cycle of binging and dieting.  

Freedom from Ed felt hopeless.


Five years ago I realized I couldn't keep living like this. I hit bottom and started to reach out for help.  Now I have a support team of people who have assisted me in my recovery. Ed lied.

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Slowly and very painfully the rock that was crushing me began to be chipped away. Ed told me recovery was impossible, but as I stopped listening to his lies the impossible started to happen.  

One of the biggest things that made a difference in my recovery was reaching out and getting professional help.  I got into counseling and started working with Erica Cushion, a dietitian who specializes in eating disorders.

An unexpected part of my recovery has been my dog, Moosie, who has supported me in this journey.   And recently my husband and I adopted Keira, the cutest 5 pound Yorkshire Terrier.



I'm thankful to my family and friends who have supported me.  Particularly my husband, Kevin, who always believed freedom from Ed was possible for me. 




I am still on my recovery journey but now I can enjoy getting up in the morning and living life.  There's not this constant gray cloud hanging over my head.  It’s like I’m seeing color for the first time.  

If I can be in recovery then it's possible for anyone!  

I started Authenticity & Grace to tell my story so you know you aren’t alone and don’t have to struggle as long as I did.  I look forward to the day when I can say “I’m recovered” and you can too!  

I’d love to hear your story!  Contact me here!