Random Facts About Kassandra Baker

I love New York City! 

Kevin and I enjoy curling up on the couch with Moosie and Keira to watch TV and movies! 





I am the Post It Queen. It would take approximately 506,880,000 Post It Notes to circle the world.

I am a Christ follower who considers myself a recovering Pharisee!


I passed out one time and it resulted in 3 staples in the back of my head, amnesia, and a head injury that took 10 months to recover.

Head Injury.jpg

I hate cleaning my house!

I am a big fan of the following….oreos, cheese, and coffee. 

I would rather give a speech than write a paper. (Gave my valedictorian speech in the dark and without a microphone at my high school graduation because we lost electricity an hour before the ceremony.)


I love to travel and studied abroad for one semester at Oxford University in college. 

One time Kevin was asked to describe me in one word...he said “organized.”

I love quotes and of course use post it notes to post them all around my house and work!

I was born with crossed eyes and still have a lazy eye.  It’s noticeable when I get tired!

What’s an interesting and random fact about you?