"Life Changing"

I cannot believe how life-changing this (Live Free: The 90 Day Intensive) was.  Looking back to the first session and remembering where I was, I can now see the amount of attention my thought patterns and eating habits truly needed. Being a perfectionist, I needed guidance and prayer to understand the relationship I had with food and body image.  These thoughts I once had were so deeply rooted but are  now under construction (which I never thought would be possible). Throughout the 90 day program, I have not only seen a huge shift in my thoughts, eating habits, prayer life, and relationships, but I discovered much more about who I really am and where my worth is found. This amazing woman of God is not only knowledgeable but is so encouraging and understanding, and I am so thankful for her.

KS - Recent College Graduate


“Judgement Free Enviornment”

I'm truly grateful I had the opportunity to be coached by Kassandra. Just as her name suggests, she coaches with Authenticity and Grace. I went through some big life changes when we started the program and she coached me on techniques to deal with my stress. Forming the habit to breath was life changing! It sounds so simple, but trust me when I say it helped me from constantly being in a flight or fight space. I really loved the way she uses God and brought prayer into our sessions. She held me accountable and I could be totally honest with her in a judgment free environment. Kassandra's powerful program helped me grow. Having her as a coach was a great decision, and I highly recommend choosing one of her programs

JC -Lifestyle Coach