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Hi, my name is Kassandra Baker, and I am a Freedom Coach.  I help women who are trapped in unhealthy relationships with food and their bodies to break free from diets and disordered eating in order to live in freedom with authenticity and grace.

Authenticity & Grace is a place you can exhale and be authentic if you struggle with disordered eating, chronic dieting, perfectionism, legalism or people pleasing, all of which I have experienced.  I love Plumb’s song, Exhale.  It’s OK to not have it all together. 

I have almost 20 years of experience living with eating disorders (Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and Orthorexia Nervosa), perfectionism, legalism, and people pleasing and understand the despair and challenges that come from living in bondage.  I also know the hope of living in freedom with authenticity and grace.


Recovery is like living in color after living in black and white. 


If recovery is possible for me, it is possible for you!

I married my college sweetheart, Kevin, in 2006.  He loves to embarrass me, push my buttons, and make me laugh!  Without his love and support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  We live in Ohio.

We have two dogs, Moosie and Keira, who are our furry children. I am Aunt Kass to the world's cutest nephew whom I adore and love to spoil.  

In December of 2017, I started taking classes from the Health Coach Institute to become certified as a Health and Life Coach.  Ever since I was in college, it has been my dream to help women with food and body struggles, but I was never in a place where I could help them because I needed the help myself.  Now that I have gone through my own recovery, it's a dream come true to help others live in freedom with authenticity and grace.

For the past 12 years I have coached women who are in crisis and worked in non-profit work.  Now, I am excited to use my coaching skills to help other women who are struggling like I have in the past.

I’m so glad you stopped by! 

I would love the opportunity to work with you through 1:1  Signature Program Coaching to live in freedom.